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We're now playing!
At last our Wallabies are now in action! Our kids are doing an amazing job, working together as a team, and learning how to play rugby.  A huge thanks to everyone for all the amazing support.  And a huge thanks to the kids for being so great on and off the field.

We now have our own pictures... check it out! Also, you can find your individual picture files here if you want a higher quality individual pic from the below collage.

We will compete locally against other established youth clubs in Carmel, Fishers, Brownsburg, Avon and Pendleton among others.

Age Groups/Teams include:

- 2nd/3rd/4th Grader Co-Ed flag no contact (“RI Spring Season 2022 Coed Grades 2-4”)
- 5th/6th Grader Co-Ed contact (“RI Spring Season 2022 Coed Grade 5-6”)
- 7th & 8th Grade girls contact*
- 7th & 8th grade boys contact*

*We are identifying kids interested to field these teams in 2023. Email us if at all interested – we will reach back out to you when we pull together the team:

Playing on any of our teams has a total cost of $175 per player each season. This includes a $75 fee which goes to Rugby Indiana for Scheduling & coordination of the season and CIPP registration with USA Rugby (blanket liability policy) and also includes a $100 team fee payable to ZYRC. Each player receives a t-shirt and rugby ball with their dues.

As an FYI – it costs about $8,500 to host our teams each year. Our $100 ZYRC dues we collect may get us to about $3,000. The rest of our budget we get from Sponsors (email Casey if you have interest in being a Sponsor of any amount!). We do this to try and keep your costs as low as possible. We are a non-profit volunteer organization and do it because we love kids and rugby!

Refund Policy – If you register your child(ren) and then opt for them not to participate, refund requests are grated AS LONG AS the refund request is made during open registration period. Refunds are NOT given if requested after open registration unless there is a medical reason you child cannot participate. For more information or if you have questions or concerns regarding this refund policy, please contact

Mouth guard, water bottle and cleats (soccer style)

Rugby shorts, rugby socks and a t-shirt. Rugby ball for new players. Game jerseys provided and stay with the team.

Rugby is a social sport where we teach respect for the other players and other team! After games it is a common tradition for each player to find the player with the same number on the other team and congratulate them on a game well played! As well, the home team often hosts ‘Socials’ after the game to meet and talk with the opposing team. This teaches our kids respect on the field when they have to talk to their opponent after the game off the field!

If you have any questions please contact Casey Farrell at:

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