High School and Youth Clubs
Zionsville Rugby
Registration takes a few steps. Please read or print the instructions below before you begin.

1. Click HERE to Start Registration or the rugby xplorer app

2. IF REGISTERING A PREVIOUS PLAYER: Click on LogIn and enter your email address and password used to register last year. It should have migrated your players information. If so, skip to step #4 to link an existing player.

3. IF REGISTERING A NEW PLAYER: Click on LogIn. Enter your email. Create a new profile. The new profile you are creating is the parent/guardian profile. Once your profile is complete, you can link a new person and create your player’s profile and register.

4. Once you have completed your profile, click on Register in the upper left-hand corner.

5. Under “Participate in Rugby” select “Find a Club”

6. Under “Who Would You Like To Register” select your returning player or select “Link a New Person”

7. Under “Which Club Would You Like To Register To” type in “Zionsville Wallabies” then select “Zionsville Wallabies Youth Rugby”

8. Under “registration type”: Select player; Then select one of the following:

"Middle School Spring Boys" for Boys in Grades 7-8
"Middle School Spring Girls" for Girls in Grades 7-8
“Youth Spring" for Grades 4/5/6 Co-Ed Tackle.
“Rookie Rugby” for Grades 1-4.
*1st graders can play flag as long as they are 7 by the start of the season. 4th graders have the option to play on the co-ed 5/6 tackle team or the 2/3/4 co-ed flag team. Then Select “season”

9. Enter personal details

10. Pay. There is no “cart” option so each player is a separate transaction. This registration fee is 100% for Rugby Indiana and pays for insurance, referees, etc

*As we did last year, the Wallabies will require another payment in the amount of $100 for club dues which will be collected through TeamSnap. The Wallabies will offer a family discount for club dues. Club dues pay for Mulberry Fields, uniforms, and the home match social(s).

Click HERE to Start Registration